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Fleet Team provides enhanced point of sale purchasing controls on transactions, delivers complete transparency for Fleet Team Merchant purchases, and automates vehicle history and financial reporting for service activity; and since the software is located in the cloud, fleet managers are able to access it from anywhere, on any computer!

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Automotive Merchants


Fleet Team streamlines point of sale processing, reduces the need for manual authorizations, accelerates processing time for fleet work orders, minimizes bad debt and data errors, and automates payment and reporting activities related to fleet purchases; and you’ll increase your store’s efficiencies and generate new business.

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Fleet Team is a cloud based software solution that provides financial and operational value for automotive service chains and the fleets who utilize them for vehicle maintenance activity. Whether you are a local, regional, or national service chain, or a fleet with 5 vehicles to 5,000 vehicles, Fleet Team provides value for you. Through a simple integration to merchant point of sale systems, Fleet Team automates every aspect of the purchasing process between fleets and their service merchants.