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Fleet Management Software from FleetTeam

Service Provider Solutions

Fleet Team provides more than just an integrated solution. We offer several key features that help you bring more business to your service shops. 

Automated Billing

By integration into your POS system we can ensure that all the data collected is accurate, complete, and ready for billing. Then we send the billing data files to fleets and fleet management companies for you, automatically. This results in ample savings of back office costs.

White Label Solution

Fleet Team is proud to offer a white label solution to provide a uniquely branded experience and service offering to your customers. Fleet Team, white label, is available to service providers looking to attract and retain fleet customers, while also growing revenue share with those customers.

Advanced Funding

Just like oil is to black gold, diamonds are to advanced funding. We just made that up, but still, this is all about getting the money back to your business sooner. We offer advanced funding solutions for fleet billing to help get you cash in hand right away. Ask us about our different funding options!

Increased Store Efficiency

With Fleet Team's integration in your POS system, there is less time spent on authorization phone calls to the fleet manager. We check against the pre-established service rules, allowed work order amounts, and preventative maintenance schedules for each vehicle. This all results in less time on the phone and more time spent where it matters, with the vehicles.

Grow your fleet business

The sky is the limit. Fleet Team helps you put together a fleet program you can use to grow your fleet business. You can package our fleet management software with your fleet program to differentiate your stores from the competition. We can white label the software, so every time your fleets logon, they are reminded of your brand. Email reminders of preventative maintenance will drive more business back to your stores. 


When you have the full picture, you get the full dollar. Fleet Team has business rules that ensure the correct data is collected for each fleet, so that when it is time to bill, the data is all there. The system will automatically validate the vehicle information and check the fleets pre-authorized rules to prevent any unauthorized purchases. 

This is all possible by the POS integration. By integrating it is easier for all your service writers to be certain that all the required information is entered. This is because Fleet Team tells them exactly what is needed to get the authorization and makes sure the transaction is approved. 


When the money flows, so does your business. Nobody likes waiting for their money to come in. Instead of waiting 30-60 days for payment from your fleets, Fleet Team can provide advanced funding to get your cash working for you. With Fleet Team’s advanced payment processing system, we can advance funds to you within 48 hours of the work order completion and submission to Fleet Team. 

A Unique Offering

Point of Sale Integration

We are able to integrate our software directly into your service shop point of sale system to have the fleet and service data working together as a team. The benefit gained from such a setup is that it creates seamless transactions from the time a vehicle enters a shop to when the invoice is sent over to the fleet. With this integration, both fleets and service providers experience many features that are not available in other fleet management solutions.